2 Pack – Chevrolet Chevy Sedan Suv Truck Minivan Van Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Monitor Device

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  • User Friendly Easy to read Digital Tire pressure gauge for all tires
  • LED light for easy reading in dark, Infared Red flash light help you to find your tire Valve stem
  • Portable, small, handy, long lasting, easy to store
  • Pack of 2 Tire Gauges

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Product Description

Get this Genuine GM Chevy Licensed TVG Digital Tire Gauge Tire pressure monitoring device to keep your car, truck, van, bike tires pressure in the most optimal or manufacture suggested psi level at all times. By keeping the correct tire pressure level will give you some of the most important benefits such as saving you from car accidents, over consuming of expensive gasoline that causes more pollution, and the it'll also provide you longevity of your tire's overall usage. Keep one in each car and check your tire pressure regularly to save you hundreds down the road. Get it while supply lasts!

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